Week 3 – Coping


So – I am a bit late with Week 3’s  blog, but hey, guess what – we had no power again last night when I intended to write !!! So I explained to my guide and decided not to stress about it.  And here I am now …

See,  I am getting better at this stuff. Not panicking, just “making a plan”. It’s not a perfect world – I can adapt…. and I did. It has been such a hectic 3 weeks but I am still here and I am not going anywhere. I am persevering. I have actually had to be so strong the last 3 weeks and I was, and I am proud of myself for coping.

Thank you soooo much to all the wonderful people out there who sent me encouragement – you have no idea how much it helped !!! I feel like I have a whole team on my side rooting for me …. Thank you everyone ….. I was also glad to see some other blogs of other battling – we are all in this together and we will all grow and change together.

I did my sits, my cards, my reads etc. and my chores – I “did it and I am overcoming”….


Week 2 – Total honesty


Well, I  can’t pretend. I wonder if there are others out there battling like I am ??

I love the webinars- I watched the technology one – but I am so totally overwhelmed by all the stuff to do !!

Week 2 has been more difficult for me than Week 1. Moved offices at work, got new computers at work, had to buy new laptop for home with all new software – had 2 electricity power cuts of over 8 hours each this week- at home – when I need the wireless !!!  What is going on – my life seems to have turned upside down ? Never mind that I am menopausal and hormonal and one day I am weepy and the next I am sooo angry !!! I just don’t recognise myself. Why all this upset ness when I just want to be calm and focus on MMMKA.

For 8 hours of the day I am stuck at a computer screen at work with no privacy and no internet, then 2 hours in the traffic, grocery shopping, cooking, dinner etc. etc. I would not wish being a single mom on my worst enemy – oh and very sadly I had to euthanize my Maltese Poodle this week – I am desperate – this treadmill has turned into a hamster wheel and I can’t get off. I am in such a sad and lonely place …..

I know I need to do this course so badly and I know I need to change my life but – sooo many obstacles – I am too tired every night to read all the requirements properly and absorb and study them. I am falling behind and feel hopeless – am I the only one ???

Week 1 – not so easy !!!


Gee, this is not as easy as I thought. And it’s mostly a time issue. I really want to get through all the stuff, but somehow the Universe is throwing all sorts of curved balls at me this week and I have to really jump.

Sunday nights are tricky but I am sure I will get used to it – I am normally in bed at 8 pm and asleep by 9pm. Staying up till after 12 and having to concentrate – well now !! Monday at work was a loooong day – This also happens to be my busiest week at work – just at month end – and working long hours, and stressing, so am finding it hard to cope.

The siting still for 15 mins is the easy bit for me – my mind races all over the place but I guess that will improve over time. We had no electricity at home this week, then we had no electriticy at work – so no computers, no cell phones, quite refreshing actually, but it means no place to type DMP or blog. Having to keep “making a plan” to get through. Life was not just one of my normal routine weeks this week – it was all over the place and I STRESSED !! Feels like someones watching me and laughing and saying – you can never do this stuff – you can’t cope in your normal life, now there is extra to do, and lets cut the power while we are at it.

I got stuck with the DMP !! I did not know how to start and I have never had dreams or set goals so what was I to do ? My 17 year old daughter Emma to the rescue – she is a words person – I am a numbers person. She helped me do a “spider map” and find sections and work through it that way – never too old to learn from the young …. and the words are all mine – she just kickstarted me – and I realise I have always had dreams – I just never allowed myself to indulge in them. Now I want to achieve them – badly – watch this space …

And guess what ??? On Monday morning I began a new life and I will not look back .I will not let these obstacles get in my way – I will overcome ….. no matter what – I am loving the scroll …… I love the blue print, and now that I have finally done my DMP I am loving that too. The Master Key lesson is amazing – I love it too ….